How to make money with the FavBet offer: simple and affordable ways for web admins


How to make a stable income on the FavBet bookmaker's offer for web admins.

FavBet is a well-known bookmaker that has been operating in Ukraine since 1999. More than 20 popular sports are available on the site. There are also esports bets and many lotteries. Newcomers and regular players will get lots of bonuses and promotions. Web admins can earn on the FavBet offer using the ADBID affiliate network.

Traffic rules

Before starting advertising, a web admin should carefully study the terms of the offer and familiarize himself with the list of prohibited and permitted traffic sources.

The following types of traffic are allowed on the FavBet:

  • Advertising on websites.
  • Doorways.
  • Mobile traffic.
  • ClickUnder / PopUnder.
  • Contextual advertising.
  • Email newsletter.
  • Targeted advertising on social media.
  • Banner advertising.
  • Promotion through games, communities, and social media.
  • Teaser ad.

It is also important to look through the list of prohibited traffic for this offer:

  • Contextual advertising for the brand.
  • Rebrokering.
  • Justified traffic.

It is worth mentioning that you need at least 20 conversions to try the FavBet offer. This will help the advertiser assess traffic quality and avoid payments problems.

This offer is available only in Ukraine. The holding period is 14 days.

Earning conditions for a web admin

To make money on the FavBet offer, a web admin should follow a simple instruction:

  1. Register on the ADBID Affiliate Network Platform.
  2. Get access to the FavBet offer.
  3. Promote an offer using only a permitted source of traffic.
  4. Get money for gamblers who have made a deposit.

Benefits of FavBet

To promote the FavBet offer, a web admin just needs to mention the main advantages of this bookmaker:

  • Bright website design and user-friendly interface.
  • Quick and easy registration on the site.
  • Gamblers get access to sports betting, online casinos, and betting on e-sports events.
  • A mobile app allows you to gamble wherever you want.
  • Over 150 betting options, many of which are available in real-time.
  • Newcomers first depositing up to $100 receive a 100% bonus.
  • Regular casino tournaments with huge prize pools and car raffles.
  • A wide range of slots, as well as roulette, blackjack, and the wheel of fortune.
  • Clients will get monthly cashback of up to 10%.

You can make a "Risk Free Bet" by placing bets on some events. The gambler will receive money back on his account in case of loss.

While gambling, you can earn points and exchange them for exclusive products from the FavBet company.

How a web admin can make money with a FavBet offer

The web admin can promote the FavBet offer through his thematic website. The portal can be dedicated to sports events and finance. You can publish an article forecasting the next popular matches, mentioning at the end the bookmaker FavBet and its main advantages.

It is highly recommended to tell your website users about additional opportunities for earning money at home using sports betting. You can publish success stories of other people already making a profit through the FavBet portal on the site.

A web admin can write interesting content about bookmaker bonuses and lucrative offers for gamblers. Many of them will be interested in learning about increasing profits with sports betting.

To promote the offer, you can use targeted advertising on social media. In this case, the ad will be displayed to the target audience only. You just need to set up the features correctly. You can specify the age of users, country of residence, interests while setting up the targeted ad. You can also run an ad to capture the members of some social media communities.

When advertising a FavBet offer, a web admin should know which target audience will be interested in such an offer:

  • Men from 20 to 45 are often interested in sports betting and casinos. This option should be specified when setting up targeted ads. Take into consideration that registration on FavBet is not available to minors. Therefore, it is necessary to advertise the offer to over 18 years old gamblers.
  • Set up ads for residents of large cities. They are often really interested in additional income.
  • The FavBet offer will be relevant to sports fans who are visiting almost all the big matches. You can set up ads to target fan groups of a specific sport or popular athlete.

There is one more simple and well-known way to promote an offer - in social media communities. In this case, the web admin negotiates directly with the community’s owner. You can use posts with video reviews about the bookmaker or some pictures with success stories as an ad.

You can also provide your group members with helpful content, such as a forecast for an upcoming sporting event. After posting useful information, tell about the FavBet offer and what benefits users can get after signing up and depositing.

You can also use your own social media community or promote an offer on a personal page. Publish posts or Stories on your page about FavBet. At the same time, it is important to gain as many followers interested in sports betting and gambling as possible.

Another way to promote is by buying ads on relevant websites. The web admin pays for the banner or teaser. You can also set up contextual advertising to promote the offer. The web admin can choose the most profitable and suitable option for himself after trying several advertising options.

Get a steady income on the FavBet through the ADBID affiliate network. The manager will answer all your questions right after the registration.


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