Earnings on 4rabet offer: permitted and prohibited traffic, recommendations for web admins


There are simple and affordable ways to make money on the 4rabet offer for web admins.

Online casino 4rabet provides favorable conditions for gamblers. The platform has 4,500 slots, roulette, and games with a real dealer and operating since 2018. During this time, it has taken a leading position in gambling. Thanks to the ADBID affiliate network, a web admin can easily profit from the 4rabet offer.

Types of traffic to promote the offer

Before starting the promotion of the 4rabet offer, the web admin must learn about the permitted and prohibited traffic sources. This will help to avoid problems with payments.

Let's consider the list of allowed traffic for the 4rabet offer:

  • Targeted advertising on social media.
  • Mobile traffic.
  • Promotion through games, apps, and social media.

Capper traffic is permitted for this offer. The most effective way to involve the users is using groups with sports analysts giving their projections.

The web admin must view the list of prohibited traffic:

  • Justified traffic.
  • Advertising on websites.
  • Doorways and re-brokering.
  • ClickUnder /PopUnder.
  • Contextual advertising.
  • Teaser ad.
  • Email newsletter.
  • Banner advertising.

If you do not follow the terms of the offer and ignore the prohibited traffic, you can not receive the payment.

It is worth mentioning that you need at least 20 conversions to try the 4rabet offer. This will allow the advertiser to assess the traffic quality and pay the web admin.

If you have any questions or doubts when promoting an offer, it is highly recommended to consult ADBID managers. They will help the web admin deal with any difficult situation and will advise you on any matters.

The web admin will receive the payment if the gambler makes a minimum initial deposit of $4. This offer is valid for14 days.

How to start making money on the 4rabet

Simple step-by-step instruction will definitely help the web admin to profit from the 4rabet:

  1. Register a profile on the ADBID website.
  2. Then the manager will provide access to the offer.
  3. The web admin should promote the offer using only permitted traffic.
  4. The web admin receives a payment for each newly involved gambler who deposits 4rabet.

The offer can be targeted at the following audience:

  • Men from 25 to 45 y.o. It is not recommended to promote the offer to users under 18 y.o. Registration at the online casino is available for adult gamblers only.
  • Sports fans.
  • People who are looking for additional sources of income and are interested in finance.
  • Offer promotion to residents of the largest cities is welcomed.

You can advertise it on your social media. Your group can be devoted to sports, betting, as well as additional income.

After providing users with useful information, you can advertise the 4rabet site. It is enough to mention the main advantages of online casinos. You can capture the target audience’s attention through a thematic group on social media. Or you can also post forecasting the outcomes of sports events and other thematic content in the group. Interested users will be more active in signing up at 4rabet and making a deposit.

The web admin will be able to easily promote the offer by setting up targeted advertising on social media. These advertisements will be displayed only to the target audience. You can choose several characteristics of the target audience such as age, hobbies, city of residence, gender, marital status, etc. The more accurately the features are specified, the more effective the advertising.

You can mention that ads are displayed to those using mobile devices in the settings since mobile traffic is allowed for the 4rabet offer.

4rabet online casino benefits

It will be quite easy to promote the 4rabet, as the casino has so many benefits:

  • Quick and easy check-in in two clicks.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • The gambler gets a welcome bonus after check-in.
  • A wide range of cool and exciting games.
  • A demo mode for newcomers allows you to try your hand at an online casino and see how things work without paying.
  • Lots of bonuses and promotions for newcomers and regular players.
  • Regular tournaments.
  • Easy ways to deposit and withdraw funds.
  • Slot machines, roulette, and baccarat.
  • The bright design and graphics will make your gambling even more exciting.
  • More than 4500 thematic slots (fruits, animals, mythology, etc.).

American, European, and French roulette are available on the site. 4rabet users can play video poker, blackjack, keno, and bingo. You can also try your hand at different lotteries. Over 100 games with a real dealer are available at 4rabet. Each game has well-designed graphics of excellent quality.

You can play at the online casino on your phone, tablet, or computer. Amazing graphics and the realistic storyline of each video slot will definitely surprise every gambler.

The online casino support service is available 24/7. The user will be able to consult specialists and get an answer to his question. You can also send a message about the issue you faced or clarify any information in the 4rabet online chat. The issue will be solved just in a few minutes.

You can also get in touch with technical support by phone or email and attach screenshots in the message to demonstrate your problem.

Online casino 4rabet holds a leading position in the gambling industry. This is clearly evidenced by gamblers reviews and the assessments of independent experts. Many users are appealed by tons of promotions and bonuses and exciting games. The site is stylish in design and has concise content.

You can get a stable income from the 4rabet offer. Check-in on the website of the ADBID affiliate network, get unique links and start earning.


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