How to make a profit from the 22Bet bookmaker's offer: some tips for webmaster


Earning conditions on the 22Bet offer, permitted and prohibited traffic sources

22Bet bookmaker is well-known for its reliability, lucrative bonuses, and easy registration. More than 1 000 events are available on the site every day for betting. Also, gamblers get access to an online casino, roulette, poker, and other popular gambling. The webmaster can have a stable income by promoting the 22Bet bookmaker. You just need to sign up in the ADBID affiliate network to get started.

An easy way to make money as a webmaster

To get started, you just need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Register on the ADBID website.
  2. Then the affiliate network manager will provide you access to the 22Bet offer.
  3. Your job is to promote the bookmaker using only the permitted traffic sources.
  4. You’ll receive a payment for each newly involved gambler depositing on the site.

Permitted traffic sources

When working with the 22Bet offer, the webmaster must use only the permitted traffic sources listed here:

  • Mobile traffic.
  • Promotion through games, public pages, and social media apps.
  • Advertising through websites.
  • Contextual advertising.
  • Banner and teaser advertising.
  • Targeted social media advertising

This offer is available in India, Peru, Argentina, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

You should undertake at least 20 conversions for testing this offer. Otherwise, the advertiser couldn’t evaluate the traffic quality and pay the webmaster. Also, there may be a delay in updating statistics up to 1.5 hours.

The webmaster can immediately contact the personal manager of the ADBID affiliate network for help if there are questions or disputes. A specialist would clarify the working conditions and consult you on any matter.

Prohibited types of traffic

It’s highly recommended not to use the following traffic:

  • Contextual brand advertising.
  • Fraudulent traffic.
  • Doorways.
  • Justified traffic.
  • Rebrokering.
  • ClickUnder and PopUnder.
  • Email newsletter.

Check out thoroughly the conditions of the offer to receive a stable income and avoid difficulties while working.


It is much easier to promote a reliable company that has already gained the trust of the gamblers and has an excellent reputation. 22Bet bookmaker is such a company. It provides each client with the listed benefits:

  • Quick and easy registration on the website.
  • Huge bonus for the first deposit.
  • Gamblers have the unique chance to place their bets LIVE.
  • Clients get access to a web forum to connect with like-minded people and follow up-to-date events statistics.
  • Weekly Friday bonus for your deposit.
  • Gamblers can get points for their betting and activity, which can promote the betting company.

Gamblers can try to bet on 40 of the most famous sports. The bookmaker's website also has a mobile version.

More than 50 options for depositing and withdrawing funds are available to gamblers:

  • There are dozen of cryptocurrencies.
  • Bankcard.
  • Popular payment systems.
  • Payment terminals.
  • Internet banking.
  • Prepaid cards.
  • E-wallets.

You only need a few minutes to register on the website. Here are a few steps you need to follow: enter your full name, email address and create a password. As easy as that. While creating an account, you need to choose the currency of your account. You can also register using your social media profile.

A gambler can place a bet on the 22Bet website on the outcome of the match and the number of goals scored, game statistics, and violation of the rules.

Between sports betting, you can play poker or roulette online. There are more than 1000 vibrant and exciting slots on the 22Bet website. The client can choose a game depending on the theme, the number of bonuses, and even the jackpot.

How to identify the target audience for bookmaker promotion?

The webmaster needs to identify the users interested in registering on the bookmaker's website. Certain people are passionate about betting and casinos:

  • Popular sports or a particular sports team fans.
  • Gamblers who want to earn fast.
  • Users who are looking for an additional source of income on the Internet.

More than half of the bookmaker's clients are men aged 25 to 45. Gamblers are also interested in movies and series, computer games, and political news.

If the webmaster knows the main info about his target audience, he can easily set up targeted advertising on social media and promote the 22Bet offer.

It should be mentioned that about 89% of people bet on sports and gamble on their mobile devices. Therefore, you can specify to display the ad to phone users and tablets when setting up targeted advertising.

Advertising can be set up before an upcoming sporting event or a big match. Then sports fans will immediately be able to register and place bets on his favorite team.

You can promote the 22Bet offer through thematic groups on any social media. You have the option to advertise the offer on other social media groups or post on your own. It is highly recommended to look for thematic groups related to popular sports or sports teams. Tell members of this group about the advantages of the 22Bet bookmaker and great chances to earn money on bets.

Average income people will be interested in the 22Bet offer as they are looking for additional ways to earn money. Consider these facts when setting up targeted advertising or choosing a thematic group to promote the offer.

After registering on the ADBID affiliate network website, you will get a stable income from the 22Bet offer. The manager will help you get started and advise you on all issues.


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