Making money on the 1WIN offer is the simplest and most affordable way for web admins.


A web admin can get a stable income from the 1WIN bookmaker's offer.

1WIN betting company has been operating since 2016. The company's website has a user-friendly interface and bright design. Users note the great work of the support service and a wide range of bets. Every web admin can start making money with the help of the 1WIN offer. You just need to register in the ADBID affiliate network.

Terms of earnings for a web admin

Before starting work, it is highly recommended to look through the conditions of the offer. The web admin needs to know which traffic is suitable for promoting the 1WIN bookmaker.

You can use the following sources of permitted traffic:

  • Advertising on websites.
  • Contextual advertising.
  • Social media promotion
  • Banner advertising.
  • Teaser ads.
  • Games and social media promotion
  • Social media targeting

You also need to know which traffic sources are prohibited:

  • Email newsletter.
  • Doorway pages. 
  • Contextual brand advertising.
  • Mobile traffic.
  • Re-brokering
  • Justified traffic.
  • Fraudulent traffic.

According to the terms of the offer, initially, at least 20 conversions are required for testing. This will be rather helpful for the advertiser to evaluate the traffic quality and full compliance with all conditions. After that, the web admin will profit from the 1WIN offer.

If the web admin has any questions or doubts while promoting an offer, he can consult with the managers of the ADBID affiliate network. Experts will explain all the offer conditions and help you solve any problem.

The 1WIN offer is available for Kazakhstan, Ukraine, India, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan region. The holding period is 7 days. The involved user must deposit on the 1WIN website. After that, the web admin will be able to receive his remuneration.

Advantages of the 1WIN bookmaker

The web admin should focus gamblers' attention on the advantages of the bookmaker while promoting 1WIN. It is rather important to mention the unique opportunities provided to users after making a deposit and registering on the site.

It will be quite easy to promote 1WIN due to the following advantages:

  • Quick registration on the site in just 1 minute. You can create an account using social media, phone numbers, or email.
  • Intuitive interface and bright design of the website page.
  • Professional work of the technical support service. You can get help via online chat, email, or phone.
  • Unique loyalty system for VIP gamblers.
  • Bets from $1 are available to users.
  • The most popular payment systems are available for withdrawing funds; there are more than 15 options for account replenishing.
  • Easy to understand statistics of popular sports.
  • Welcome bonuses for newcomers.
  • Good offers for regular gamblers.
  • High rates on popular events.

The bookmaker's website has many additional convenient features for users. An online casino, a poker room, and even its own cinema are available. Once registered, you can get a 200% bonus on your first deposit.

How to start working with the 1WIN offer

To get started, a web admin needs to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Create a profile on the website of the ADBID affiliate network.
  2. Get access to the 1WIN offer.
  3. Promote an online bookmaker, complying with all the terms and using only the permitted types of traffic.
  4. The web admin receives a profit for each new player who makes a deposit,

The 1WIN bookmaker promotion on your website

The web admin can advertise the 1WIN on his thematic website or blog. The website may be dedicated to sports betting. You can also promote the offer through a blog followed by sports fans.

You can use the following tips for advertising:

  • Make a publication with forecasts for the upcoming sporting events. It is highly recommended to mention the advantages of 1WIN at the end of the article. Also, don't forget to mention that you can place a bet on the bookmaker's website on favorable terms.
  • Create a top list of the best betting shops and highlight 1WIN in the article, focusing on the advantages of this company.
  • Tell the success story and earnings at 1WIN.

How to advertise 1WIN through targeted ads.

At the moment, targeted advertising is a unique promotional tool. With its help, you can find people who are really interested in sports betting. They will be interested in this topic and go to the 1WIN website, sign up, and deposit.

While setting up targeted advertising, you can choose the target audience’s characteristics. The web admin can indicate the age of a potential gambler, gender, place of residence, and hobbies.

There is no doubt that sports fans will be curious about the 1WIN. The target audience is usually men from 18 to 35 years old. Younger users can not visit the 1WIN, as registration for minors is unavailable.

You can offer to try the 1WIN to people looking for additional sources of income and who are interested in finance. When setting up targeted ads, you can choose the audience of any group on social media. You can show your ad to people from the popular sports community or fans of a specific athlete.

Advertising through a theme group

A web admin can use his own social network group to gather the target audience. There you can post publications containing concise and useful info. The web admin can end each post by advertizing 1WIN offer.

If you don't have your group, you can order advertising from another admin. You can agree to make multiple posts per week.  It is recommended to mention forecasts for the upcoming matches and the online bookmaker in the publication. You can also tell some success stories of gamblers already registered on the 1WIN website.

Making a profit from the 1WIN online bookmaker's offer is quite simple through the ADBID network. After registration, the manager will tell you about the working conditions and answer your questions.


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